TMJ Symptoms 

 Symptoms and Cures for TMJ Sufferers


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How Can TMJ be Treated

There are a number of ways with which TMJ can be treated. Some things that are used are warm, cold things and soft diet with some medications. This medication allows the jaws to come in the regular position and some of them are pain killers. Although pain killers are not the cure of TMJ, but still it is something that can give relief to the patient.


The first thing that a person can do in order to prevent the pain and to cure this disorder is to give the jaw some rest. This is very beneficial for the joints to get some rest. This also becomes recognizable when teeth are being grinded to chew something. The patients of this disorder are advised by the doctors not to eat something that can cause the jaws to move hardly. More than the pain, this could also make the condition of that person more severe. Also that food that requires the mouth to open large is also not recommended. An example is a burger. These things should be avoided and food that is simple and soft should be taken.


There is a therapy which is called heat and ice. This is proved to be a good cure for TMJ disorder. It can assist in reducing the tension in the muscles and spasm. Treatment with applications that are cold is mostly recommended soon after the damage or injury in the joints. Cold packs of ice can be helpful to reduce the pain in the joints.


There is some medication that is available for reducing the pain and to keep the muscle and bones in the order. However, when a patient is taking some medicines, they should first of all consult a doctor. The famous medicine that is taken frequently by the patients is listed below:

  • Diazepam (Valium)

  • Aspirin

  • Ibuprofen (Advil and others)

  • Steroids

  • Naproxen (Aleve and others)

  • Injections of cortisone preparations


Then there are some physical therapies that can also help. Some massage while opening and closing the jaws can help in getting relief from pain and curing the disorder. To reduce the pain, there is an electrical stimulation.


This can also cause due to some stress. So some therapies are also concluded in order to reduce stress. Other than stress management, correction of abnormalities in biting or chewing is also performed.


If nothing is good for the patient or does not gives reasonable relief, the last option is surgery. When medical therapies are being failed, then surgery is applied. The techniques that are used frequently are listed below:


  • Joint restructuring

  • TMJ arthroscopy

  • Joint replacement

  • Ligament tightening