TMJ Symptoms 

 Symptoms and Cures for TMJ Sufferers


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TMJ Pain and what causes it.

A lot of problems which were once shrouded in secrecy have become connected to TMJ disorder in the past few years. It turns out that the area which connects our jaws to our skulls is a fragile section that, when pressured, will bring about a variety of troublesome consequences for many areas of the body.

Earaches, tooth pains, headaches, unusual speech patterns, throat pains, poor eyesight, and the likes can be determinants of a TMJ disorder.

But what are the TMJ causes?

Knowing them will mean that we better chances of avoiding them.

- Failing to care for your teeth can result in TMJ. Decays may lead to toothaches, and toothaches will compel our jaw to close in a different way. In time, this may lead to abnormal closure of the temporomandibular joint which will definitely develop to a world of problems.

- Trauma on the lower part of the face, especially the sides, can result in TMJ. Strong impact can even dislocate the jaw from the skull. If such strong force is experienced, the patient is strongly advised to seek medical opinion. Sometimes, the effects may not be visible, but alarming consequences may already be forming under the skin.

- Unusual speech habits may be hazardous to the ideal operation of the TMJ. Therefore, do not push yourself to talk the wrong way. Particular words and particular phrases are supposed to be spoken in a particular way for a reason.

- Too much biting of nails can lead to TMJ problems. Our nailes\Fingernails aren't as soft as we'd expect them to be. More often than not, they can provide pressure against the right operation of the temporomandibular joint, resulting to the development of many possible TMJ disorders.

- Excessive gum chewing. Chewing gums compel the TMJ area to work overtime, more than it should. This will make it weaker and make it more fragile to TMJ disorders.

- Teeth grinding can result in TMJ problems. If nails and gums aren't safely malleable enough, then our teeth would even be more dangerous for the TMJ area.